BOB Revolution CE or SE? What is the difference?

The BOB Revolution is a venerable favorite for parents hoping to integrate their new baby into their lifestyle. You would be hard-pressed to find a less than stellar review of the BOB Revolution online or from other parents. BOB Revolution is just as at home on a hiking trail as it is downtown or at the mall, this baby is versatile.

Many consumers see any stroller with three wheels and assume it is a jogging stroller. It is a little more complicated than that. Stroller manufacturers have begun to completely tailor the trims and accessories on their strollers to perfectly suit the needs of their individual clients. BOB is no different, and that lead to the introduction of the Revolution CE (formerly the Revolution AW). One of the most common questions we get at Baby Go Round is about the difference between the CE and SE models of the BOB Revolution, I hope to answer all those questions for you here. The first question you should ask yourself is:
BOB Revolution CE and SE at Baby Go Round in Hampton Falls, NH
The features which have built the BOB Revolution to be one of the most beloved terrain/jogging strollers on the market such as super-easy handling, large comfortable seat with 70 lb weight limit, huge canopy, reclining seat, sealed ball bearings, lockable front wheel, car seat adapters, and great suspension, are all standard on both models of the Revolution. Many of these features have been upgraded with the 2011 model (you have probably noticed an upgraded price as well). For 2011 BOB has improved the way the infant car seat adapter attaches to the stroller, addressing one of the (only) complaints from customers with the 2010 model. BOB also (finally) made an adapter for the popular Chicco Keyfit Infant Car Seat (in addition to Peg and Graco), to the cheers of parents everywhere. Also for 2011, the seat was upgraded with new padding, new adjustments for the 5 point harness, and a board for a more rigid back. In addition the hood received an overhaul to make it larger, the fabric was changed to a lighter/more sporty version, a lock was added when the stroller is folded (!!), the suspension adjustment was upgraded, and the foot-wells were upgraded from fabric to a more durable plastic cover. Whew!…and that didn’t even address the question.

All of the features mentioned above are standard for both models, the CE (City Experience) and SE (Sport Experience).

BOB Revolution SE available at Baby Go Round in Hampton Falls, NH.

2011 BOB Revolution SE (Sport Experience)

2011 BOB Revolution CE (City Experience)avaibale in Hampton Falls, NH

2011 BOB Revolution CE (City Experience)

The only real difference between the two Revolution models? The wheels. That’s it…well… and the price but we’ll get to that later.

The SE is built for sport and speed. 16 inch air filled back tires and polymer wheels are the perfect fit for running and terrain. Larger tires are, by nature, easier to push with less resistance. The larger wheel diameter also makes it comfortable for the taller user allowing greater distance between the stroller and your stride to limit kicking the axle. The unique mounting system for the lockable front wheel allows you to fix the front wheel allowing for greater tracking while jogging, but also allows for the wheel to “revolve” making the SE a great stroller for downtown and light terrain as well. I personally used the BOB Rev with 16 inch wheels for my first. It was seriously the best for walking, jogging, and for tackling the dunes at the beach. I also used it regularly at the Kittery outlets, around Newburyport and Portsmouth, and in and out of the car for errands. For me the size and weight were not a big deal, I drive an SUV so space was not an issue, but I can see where the size would be a factor for someone with a sedan. The wheels do remove easily for a more compact fold. I think the perfect companion stroller for the BOB Revolution SE is is a Cybex Ruby or Onyx, a super lightweight umbrella with an infant car seat adapter. But that is a whole different post…this one.

The CE is built for navigating city streets with ease.  12 inch air filled tires and lightweight alloy aluminum wheels turn the BOB Revolution into a nimble, urban alternative.  The body of the stroller is the same, but the wheels do make for a smaller fold as they are smaller (but you didn’t need me to tell you that).  The CE could be a great choice for the family who needs something all-terrain to tackle their neighborhood streets in good weather and bad (snow included) and also wants something rugged enough to handle a hiking trail or a 5K power walk every morning.  The CE is not optimized for running due to the wheel size, especially for parents of above-average height.  I’m not saying that many don’t run with it and find it to be fine, I’m just saying that the SE is a better option if running is your main objective.

So that is it in a nutshell, I hope that helped.  Still not sure which model is right for you, stop by Baby Go Round’s Tax Free New Hampshire Showroom for a test drive.

Now for prices: The 2011 BOB Revolution SE retails for $429.99 until April 15th, after the 15th the price for the SE will be going up to $449.99. The 2011 BOB Revolution CE retails for $439.99 until April 15th, after the 15th the price for the CE will be going up the $459.99. Moral of the story: if you are considering a BOB pull the trigger before the 15th to save yourself a little cash on the 2011 models.

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4 Responses to BOB Revolution CE or SE? What is the difference?

  1. Gadget dad says:

    Are the wheels for the SE and the CE interchangeable?

    • babygoround says:

      Hi Gadget Dad,

      Unofficially I would say yes. I am guessing that the folks at BOB may say otherwise, but if not you may be able to buy a set of additional wheels to have the best of both worlds. I will call them during business hours and check for their response and update you here.

      Baby Go Round, Inc.

  2. Erin says:

    I am just wondering if you ever got a response to the question the person posted above?

    • babygoround says:

      I did get a response. According to BOB, the strollers are very much the same but the chassis is sized slightly differently. What that means is that if you were to use the other sized tires on the stroller you purchased it would throw off the balance of the stroller, which would then no longer perform as it was designed…example: it would be easier to tip, etc.
      So, I guess the answer is that while the tires may fit into the same place regardless of size the stroller will not perform as well and would not be as safe to use.
      I hope that helps.

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