Our floor models, they are a-changin’. Great deals on nursery furniture!

Okay, so we went to a furniture trade show (more on that to come) in Dallas a few weeks ago, and man did we overspend! I guess that’s a good thing because that means there was a lot of good stuff out there. The bad thing (for our purse) is that we replaced the lion’s share of the furniture on the floor with brand-spankin’ new models because we love change…so what will we do with our fabulous current floor models? Well, sell them for a smoking deal of course!

So here they are, the limited-time 1-shot-deals on selected floor model Nursery Furniture packages. If you are in the market, or know someone who is, call us to reserve your set, they’ll go fast (they always do).

Below are quick IPhone images, I can send over higher quality images per request.

Salerno 2 Piece Set/ Crib and Double Dresser MocacchinoSet #1  Pali Salerno Forever Crib and Double Dresser in Mocacchino.
Regular Price:  $1088.99
SAVE:  $289.00

Lusso Century Collection Convertible Crib and Double DresserSet #2  Lusso Century Collection.  Convertible crib WITH toddler guard rail and Double Dresser.
Regular Price $1299.98
SAVE:  $299.99

Bonavita Peyton Collection 3 Piece Set

Bonavita Peyton Floor model cases

Set #3  Peyton Collection by Bonavita in Espresso.  Lifestyle Crib, Combo Dresser with Galley Rail, and 5 Drawer Dresser.
Regular Price:  $1359.97

UPDATE:  This set is spoken for
SAVE:  $459.99 !!!! (That’s like a free crib +)

Cocoon 1000 series Combo and Hutch in PaprikaSet #4  Cocoon 1000 Series Combo Dresser and (removable) Hutch Top.
Regular Price: $1128.98
SAVE: $628.99…yep that’s right! We don’t have a crib here to go with this set in stock, but we could order any of the Cocoon Cribs in Paprika for a perfect match if you need one!

Hudson 5 Drawer Chocolate dresser floor model

Set #5 Hudson 5 Drawer in Chocolate by Bonavita
Regular Price: $629.99
SAVE: $200.00 We can order a variety of cribs to match this great 5 Drawer!

Cocoon 7000 Series Nursery Furniture on saleSet #6  Cocoon 7000 Series in Mahogany, Convertible Crib and Dressing Station
Regular Price: $1069.98
SAVE: $269.99

So there you have it, our very best deals of the year on select floor models.  If you need a crib or dresser this is a great time to buy some of our best sellers at great discount, all because we are going to change it up and show different finishes on the floor!  All of these items are current line (NOT discontinued) and additional pieces can be ordered to match including conversion rails, nightstands, etc.

Layaway is available, with a half-down deposit.  Call or stop by our showroom today to reserve your Nursery Furniture steal!  Did we mention that we are locate din Tax Free NH, so the savings just keep adding up.

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