Enter to Win a Chicco Polly High Chair in Romantic. Visit momtidbits.com for details. sponsored by Baby Go Round!

Enter to win a Chicco Polly High Chair

You know those Moms who just seem to have everything together? They are stylish and put together, successful, have beautiful kids, and the time make a home cooked meal…well, two of them got together and have created a blog called Tidbits, and it is just as “Simply Fabulous, Fabulously Simple” as their tagline suggests. The best part: they are local, based right out of Newburyport. We are thrilled to be sponsoring our first giveaway on their blog and suggest you head right on over to sign up. Details about entry are located here at momtidbits.com. All entries must be received by July 24th, up to 4 entries per person. Good Luck!

Here is a little bit about Tidbits from fabulous Kelly and Alicia:
“For those with busy lives if something is simple it is naturally fabulous. Just because we are busy moms does not mean we have to compromise on style. And style is not just about fashion- it is the way in which you live your life- simply fabulous, fabulously simple. Tidbits offers a daily dose of what we consider fabulous. Whether it be recipes, style tips, baby products, home decor, Tidbits brings readers simply fabulous ideas for your fabulously simple lives. Bloggers Alicia Linsey and Kelly Woodsum started the blog in November 2010 and love every minute of the research and ideas they share with readers. Enjoy! www.momtidbits.com.”

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