Lullaby Earth- the new, affordable, non-toxic crib mattress (by the makers of Naturepedic)

Lullaby Earth Super Lightweight Crib Mattress

Lullaby Earth is a new name in the baby crib mattress field, the name may be new but the company is not.  Lullaby Earth mattresses are designed and built by the same folks who revolutionized the non-toxic baby mattress market with the launch of Naturepedic.  Naturepedic mattresses (and now Lullaby Earth Mattresses) are beloved by parents, retailers, the Baby Bargains book, Consumer Reports, countless parenting research websites and eco-watchdogs (like Healthy Child, Healthy World), and are Grean Guard Certified.

Every parent wants to provide the safest, most non-toxic sleeping environment for their child.  There is one roadblock for many parents to choosing these high end products:  the high end price tag that comes with them. Lullaby Earth was created to knock down that roadblock and give parents with all budgets the tools to build a safer, more non-toxic nursery.

Lullaby Earth crib mattresses are super lightweight, made with food-grade PE foam. They are also waterproofed using the same PE material, just like Naturepedic Mattresses. Basically, the Lullaby Earth line of mattresses is like the Naturepedic Lightweight but made without Organic Cotton…and about $100 less expensive.

Lullaby Earth mattresses are the only on the market which are 100% recyclable, how’s that for eco-friendly?

Available in two styles: Lullaby Earth Super Lightweight Mattress ($159.00)and Lullaby Earth Super Lightweight 2-Stage ($199.99) With FREE Shipping from Baby Go Round!p

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  1. Serta Mom says:

    This is an excellent brand of crib mattress. I was given one when I had my first baby. They are up there with the top manufacturers.

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