It’s baaack!! the jelly baby changing mat

The Jelly Baby Changing Mat is FINALLY back in stock at Baby Go Round, and we are so excited to tell you about it! A few years ago we sold an awesome changing pad called the Kuster Jelly Baby Pad. We never could have guessed how much enthusiasm our customers would have for a changing pad! Seriously, changing pads in general are a purely utility item and not a product or decision that parent’s to be generally put that much stock in.Jelly Baby Changing Mat by Mebby
As I said, we were happily selling a lot of them.  Then, all of a sudden, our orders stopped shipping. We called and called the distributor, added more to our order as our special orders grew, waited and waited, and…nothing. No one had any answers, where were these pads? Then one afternoon we got a call from our rep: the company has gone out of business and no pads would be coming. Kuster was a British company, so at that point there were no pads left in the US. We were so disappointed and the worst part was that we had to call and disappoint our customers who had now been waiting for months (months!) for these pads. The craziest part was that we started getting calls from all over the country from customers searching for a Jelly Baby, calls were coming from California, Georgia, Florida, Chicago…for a CHANGING PAD.

So, years have passed and we have searched for something similar to offer to our customers to no avail. Then we went to Vegas. At the trade show we visited last month we stopped into the Kastel booth (the former distributors of Kuster ) where low-and-behold we saw a Jelly Baby Changing Mat! Now made by a company called Mebby, the Jelly Baby Changing Mat is exactly the same as I remember, with better packaging (you’ve got to love that as a retailer).

Hooray for the Mebby Jelly Baby Changing Mat!
Mebby Jelly Baby Changing Pad, Kuster Jelly Baby Changer
What makes this changing pad so great? It is nothing like any other changer on the market. The Jelly Baby is made of ergonomic memory foam. The benefits of this material are that the pad grips to the changing table or dresser without having to attach it to the back of the dresser, the changing pad stays room temperature for warm comfort for your baby, the pad can be easily wiped clean, and no changing pad cover is needed! The Mebby Jelly Baby is also 100% waterproof, anti-bacterial, PVC and Latex Free, and hypoallergenic. While a changing pad cover is not a necessity for this pad, a 100% cotton changing insert is packaged with the Mebby Jelly Baby as a little bonus. The Mebby Jelly Baby Changing Mat is available in Cream, Pink, and Blue…and best of all it is IN STOCK NOW at Baby Go Round in Tax Free Hampton Falls, NH.
Jelly Baby Pink, Jelly Baby Blue, Jelly Baby Pink

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2 Responses to It’s baaack!! the jelly baby changing mat

  1. Freda Butner says:

    What is the size? How much and how long to ship to N.C.?

  2. Jill Shick says:

    Do you make changing pads? I need one the size…27-1/2 x 15 inches

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