Zoli Bot-an innovative weighted straw sippy cup

Zoli Baby makes some very innovative products.  Not least of all the Zoli Bot 6 oz. Straw Cup.

Zoli Bot Straw sippy-weighted straw sippy cup

Why is this sippy cup even worth writing a whole post about?

The Bot is innovative in that it is a weighted straw sippy.  Unlike most straw sippy cups, the Bot has a flexible straw with a weighted bottom, allowing your child to hold the cup at almost any angle and still get the goods (by goods, I mean liquid of course).  No more frustration.

weighted straw sippy cup

The weighted ball on the end of the flexible straw follows the liquid making it easy to get the last drop.

The straw is made of food grade silicone with a weighted steel ball.  The cup, handles, and cover are made of polypropelene, which is non-toxic and notably BPA and Pthalate Free.  A built in handle and flip top cap make the Bot easy to use and very sturdy.  It looks great, too.

I know what you are thinking…does it leak?  The answer:  Most of the time, no.  Like any sippy it is not completely “leak proof” (regardless of what any label says).  I have only noticed leaking if the cup is over filled.  When I over fill it I’ve noticed  a little spill over  through the straw as soon as the top is assembled.  No big deal, I just wipe it up.

I’ve sent my almost two year old, Henry, to nap with this cup many times with no noticeable post-nap wet spots.  The Bot is our #1 go-to cup in our house.  Want some evidence?  These pictures were snapped early this morning, and as I type this he is still sitting next to me drinking the last bits of his milk from the cup with no fuss.

Henry with his Zoli Bot. Yes, it is pink (pink is punk) and yes, he is wearing Christmas PJs in June…don’t judge me Mom.

Big brother had to get in on the action. Meet Owen’s new super-picture-smile…

…which resulted in Henry punching Owen. This little brother can fend for himself!

In a few seconds, it was all good…and not one drop was spilled.

So, in short this cup is great and you should buy one.  Preferably here (shameless plug alert).

Zoli Bot available in 4 colors

Zoli Bot available in 4 colors for $12.00 each. Available in store at Baby Go Round in Hampton Falls, NH, and online at babygoroundinc.com

I would also recommend the extra straw and brush set, it’s just easier that way.

zoli strawpack and brush

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  1. The straw brush is sized to slide perfectly into all straw cups and kids’ sports bottles.

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